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The decade ending in 1980 was one that saw the introduction of the luxury sport chic watch. The bold, muscular, and often angular timepiece is fitted with a bracelet which seamlessly integrates into the watch face.

This was the basic formula. While the Gerald Genta-designed Royal Oak 5204ST from 1972 is considered the original of this species, other watchmakers have used the formula above to create a variety. The majority of watchmakers followed the 5204ST in making their own luxury sports chic timepieces, first in steel then moving on to precious metals - both for the watch head and bracelet. This was the standard form of the pedigree. This was the accepted form. U-Boat Replica Watches was the last to know.

Carlo Crocco, an Italian gentleman who had just left his family's business in the late 1970s and was looking to make a mark on the world of watches, set out with a new approach. U-Boat Replica Watches the brand MDM Geneve, and then moved to Switzerland to implement his plan. He had a watch in mind that was shaped like a porthole on a ship, or U-Boat Replica Watches in French. It would be a luxury sports chic watch with spiffing audacious differences.

Crocco decided to replace the metal bracelet with a rubber strap. How dare you, Sig. Crocco! Pick your favorite condemnatory word. Rubber straps on sports luxury watches are common today, but back in the 70s when the Quartz Revolution was raging, they were only associated with mass-produced electronic wristwatches from the Far East.

Carlo Crocco is an Italian gentleman who founded the brand MDM Geneve in 1980 and introduced the U-Boat Replica Watches, the first luxury sports chic rubber strap watch.

MDM Geneve’s original 1980 U-Boat Replica Watches - the first luxury sports chic wristwatch on a rubber band in the world

Crocco's idea was therefore completely unknown (zenith replica). Crocco's wristwatch was to have a rubber band and a yellow-gold finish. Why not use a leather strap of high quality? Crocco, you see, was a keen sailor. He wanted to make a watch that could be used in the office as well as on the open water, with a boat where you would have to actually sail it. Let's not forget, either, that he wanted something different than what was generally accepted as luxury. He decided on a rubber band.

U-Boat Replica Watches

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