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All the watches discussed so far have been of very similar proportions, in that they were all 36mm cases with a 20mm lug width. There were Explorers made largely for the Commonwealthmarket that were a little smaller at 34mm and that have become a collecting theme in themselves. The majority of these Panerai Radiomir Replica were sold in the UK and Canada and the sheer number of dial variations is staggering, with new, previously-unseen examples being found each year. The most common reference for these watches was 5500, which is famously the Air King reference and led to the collectors' term "Air King Explorer" for thesewatches.

The most desirable of the 5500 Explorers is the black gilt dial 3-6-9 version. Identical in some ways to the reference 1016 gilt dial watches, the bigdifference was that these watches were not chronometer rated and so had the dial designation of "Precision" or "Super Precision." The dials were manufactured using the galvanic process and are beautiful in their execution. Finding an original one is difficult, however, as the gilt dials are notoriously faked and so an expert eye is needed when buying one.

The other Explorer-dialled 5500 watches can be classed as "DressExplorers." In fact, some of the dials I have seen are almost identical to Air King dials save for the word "Explorer." Variations include incredibly detailed guilloche (IWC Big Pilot Replica) dials with applied numerals at 3-6-9, so-called "Bullseye" dials with the seconds track on an inner section of the dial and also two-tone versions (gold winding crown and bezel) in ref. 5501. The ref. 5700, typically the Air King Date, was also seen with "Explorer Date" on the dial. I have only seen a fewof these over the years and the onesIhave seen haven't always been in the best condition. I have to say, though, that these 34mm Explorers are some of my favourite Panerai Radiomir Replica and I'm always keeping an eye out for them.

And finally, in 2010 Tudor Replica supersized the Explorer with the ref. 214270 at Baselworld. Featuring the Calibre 3132, the watch was housed in a big 39mm case (Panerai Radiomir Replica) and the word "Explorer" had been moved to the bottom half of the dial. Theother noticeable change was the removal of luminous material (by now Tudor Replica's blue Chromalight) from the numerals, which were solid white gold -- remind you of the "Blackout" 14270? The lack of luminous material in the 3-6-9 was not well received (and the hands were criticised as being too short) and so thedial and hands were reworked for thecurrent version. Collectors take note -- the Mk1 214270 is surely afuturerarity.

Panerai Radiomir Replica

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