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Roger Dubuis Replica, who founded his company with the motto Invenit et Fecit in 1999, has made it his mission ever since to create original designs for timepieces. He does not like the aesthetics we usually associate with complications such as the chronograph and perpetual calendar.

Launched in 2013, the Quantieme perpetual calendar was Roger Dubuis Replica is the second perpetual calendar he has created. To many watch enthusiasts, it's one of today's most unique perpetual calendars. This watch has a simple and easy to read calendar display, instead of the usual sub-dial and multiple pushers. At 12 o'clock the day and month is shown by two apertures, while at 6 o’clock two large windows display the date. This is a trademark of Roger Dubuis Replica watches. The first generation dial had a decorative ring of steel around the center dial, which received mixed reviews.

The new model, launched this year in 2020, does away with its steel ring. This gives the watch a cleaner, and frankly, stronger, aesthetic. The cloys-de-Paris pattern is used to decorate the centre of the dial in place of the steel ring. The centre dial still has an oval shape, even without the steel ring.Roger Dubuis Replica It is a unique design, sure, but works. The numbers 3 and 9 have been resized to accommodate the oval center.

Roger Dubuis Replica also produces a blue dial that is only available in boutiques. The blue dial makes the watch look even more modern. This matte blue dial is a rare treat from Roger Dubuis Replica.

Roger Dubuis Replica, the perfectionist that he is, made sure that Quantieme Permanente had instantaneous jumping, which means that all of the indicator windows would instantly change at the same time. Roger Dubuis Replica's ingenious mechanism, which releases energy immediately as the date,Tudor Replica day, or month changes, is what makes this possible. Roger Dubuis Replica sacrificed his moon phase in favour of legibility, and a clean aesthetic. It's a beautiful, but not a feature we would use every day.

Roger Dubuis Replica

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