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Tudor Replica's Chronometre A Resonance Watch was created 20 years ago, and has become one of his most iconic watches. It was "discontinued", but it's not really. The Chronometre Resonance celebrates its 20th birthday this year, and Tudor Replica released a version that's more advanced and precise than ever.

Tudor Replica's Resonance watch has been updated for 2020 with two constant-force mechanisms that make it more precise than ever. Calibre 1520 in rose gold has only one barrel spring that provides power to the signature double-balance design. The first wheel is a differential,roger dubuis replica watches visible in the middle of the dial. It transmits the energy from the barrel to the secondary gear trains independently. Each secondary gear train has a constant force mechanism or remontoir de l'egalite with a 1 second frequency.

Tudor Replica has eliminated any inconsistencies caused by the double barrel winding mechanism of the original Chronometre-a-Resonance movement Calibre 1499. Remember that resonance only works if both escapements oscillate at the same rate. The resonance will not occur if they drift apart too much.

Tudor Replica, the designer of the original Resonance had to make sure that the two balances in the Calibre1499 were supported by each other. The difference between the frequency was no greater than 5 seconds per position, cumulated over six days. The new movement has a single barrel which means the same energy is distributed between the two trains. This eliminates any variations found in the original movement.

The real star is the remontoir on the two moving trains. The original movement oscillated both balance wheels at the exact same amplitude. However, this amplitude dropped as the watch's power reserve was dwindling. The remontoir works by supplying constant torque to escapement. This will cause the balance wheels to oscillate at a constant amplitude for as long as it is engaged.

The two types of remontoir are basically the same. One has a hairspring and, in Tudor Replica watches, comes with a spring-bladed mechanism. The blade-shaped spring on the new Resonance provides direct linear force for each of the balance springs so they stay in sync for 28 hours. The movement's power reserve is 42 hours. However, because the remontoir uses energy from the mainspring in order to recharge, and there are 2 remontoirs, this function only lasts 28 hours. Do not worry.Rolex Replica Watches The balances will continue to oscillate even after the remontoirs are disengaged, due to resonance. This will be in a constant amplitude, as opposed to if only one balance wheel was used.

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